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Our Expertise

MG Engineering provides engineering and project services to industrial sector.  MG is capable in providing anything in between small engineering design projects (including site assistance, field engineering, equipment maintenance and inspections) to large engineering projects, including partnerships with installation contractors and other firms.

Project Development

MG’s project development services includes all the front end project work. Project development includes determining the most feasible opportunities for plant improvements, estimating services to determine project costs, and process studies.

Engineering & Design

MG’s engineering team consists of engineers and designers specializing in process, mechanical, piping, civil and structural, and electrical and instrumentation designs. We also have engineering specialists for more complex process designs and troubleshooting assistance.

Project Implementation

MG also have skilled project and construction managers who can help oversee projects. They not only manage MG design projects, but are also loaned to clients who are short on staff to be site representatives for a larger projects. This line of services also includes general engineering support, field engineering, shutdown planning and supervision, procurement assistance, and maintenance inspections.